"Bear Creek's Neville Schreiber", aka 'Neville'

Longhair Chocolate/Cream Male

Neville is a gorgeous longhair chocolate/cream boy that belongs to the Schreiber Dachshund Ranch, but also sires litters for both of our kennels.  He also carries ee cream and piebald, and has a wonderful personality - he always wants to visit with everyone, and has never met a stranger.  With Neville and my two young chocolate piebald girls Kali and Mandi, we will once again be able to offer chocolate pups to our clients beginning summer 2023.



"Schreiber's Draco Malfoy", aka 'Draco'

Smooth ee Cream Male

This beautiful ee cream boy is a son of Foxfyre.  Draco belongs to the Schreiber Dachshund Ranch, and is one of the sires that the Schreibers and I share breeding rights on.  Draco sires litters for both of our kennels.



Grendox Tzion Shel Zahav of Jo-Jac", aka 'Zion'

Smooth Cream Male

Zion comes to us from Grendox Dachshunds in Kentucky, as did our gorgeous Tiki.  He has gorgeous confirmation and is gentle and affectionate, though shy with people who are new to him.



"Jo-Jac's Moonlight Magic" aka 'Magic'

Longhair Black/Cream Dapple Piebald Male

The son of Lilac and Foxfyre, Magic is the first Jo-Jac bred boy that we have kept in over 15 years of breeding.  He is beautiful and carries almost everything:  Cream, points, dilute, ee, and of course dapple and piebald.  And he has the most amazingly sweet and gentle personality that you could ask for!




"Jo-Jac's Beautiful Blackbird", aka 'Raven'

Longhair Solid Black

Raven is the beautiful daughter of Piper and Neville, born in March of 2023.  She is solid black so does not carry points; she does carry chocolate from her sire Neville and piebald from her mom Piper.  She is a beautiful and sweet girl with very nice confirmation, and hopefully will be a future Jo-Jac mom.


"Jo-Jac's Dreaming of Lilly", aka 'Lilly'

Smooth Black/Cream

Lilly is a gorgeous four generation Jo-Jac girl with a pedigree that goes back to Shira, Tiki and Magic on her mom's side.  And she goes back to Foxfyre and the Schreiber's foundation lines on her sire's side.  She has a sweet but confident personality and gets along with everyone!  She was co-bred by my friend Missy and myself.  Born in January of 2022, she is expecting her first litter in March 2024.  I am hoping to keep a smooth cream female from this breeding to carry on Shira's legacy.


"Verde Hills Mocha Meringue Pie of Jo-Jac", aka 'Mandi Sue'

Longhair Chocolate Tuxedo Piebald

Mandi is a dark chocolate, does not carry points, and does not have a lot of ticking.  She currently is still a puppy, and pretty much the flip side to Kali. If all goes well, she will most likely have her first litter summer or fall of 2023 with either Neville or Magic.


"Jo-Jac's Vanilla Sugar", aka 'Sugar'

Longhair Chocolate Based ee Cream Female

This pretty girl is distantly related to Angel and Dancer, and has some really nice bloodlines in her pedigree.  She is small and dainty, and has a very mild, sweet personality.  She is a small girl, about 9 pounds.  We traded one of Luna's puppies for her.  Hoping for her first litter in the fall of 2023.



"Verde Hills Kahlua Kreme Pie of Jo-Jac", aka 'Kali Lou'

Smooth Chocolate/Tan Tuxedo Piebald

Kali Lou is such an active and playful girl, always carrying around something in her mouth.  She is a toy hog, and just a little too smart for her own good!  We are hoping for gorgeous puppies in the future from Kali and Neville, as well as Kali and Magic.  Kali carries dilute, so blues will be a possibility with Magic.  Thank you Molly Williams for this beautiful girl!


"Schreiber's Tikvah Mayim Olam of Jo-Jac", aka Mayim

Longhair Shaded Cream Female

Mayim is Tikvah's younger, full sister.  Her name in Hebrew means 'Water', in recognition of the combined lines from Tiki and WaterWorld that produced both Tikvah and Mayim.  She is more heavily shaded like her grandfather Tiki, and we are hoping for her second litter later in 2023.  We have a gorgeous black/cream male lined up for her, whose grandsire is a champion longhair cream.


"Schreiber's Tikvah Tanu of Jo-Jac" aka 'Tikvah'

Longhair Shaded Cream Female

Tikvah is a gorgeous combination of Schreiber and Jo-Jac breeding.  She is a granddaughter of Tiki and great-granddaughter of the Schreiber's foundation imported sire Water World.  Born in March 2020, Tikvah will hopefully be having a litter sired by Magic this summer.



"Jo-Jac's Blue Moon Rising" aka 'Luna'

Smooth Blue/Cream Dapple Female

Luna is the daughter of Dora and Magic.  She is a small, VERY active bundle of energy that keeps everyone on their toes.  Demanding of attention and very affectionate, she is all dachshund!  Luna was spayed and retired in 2023, and is now living her best life with a wonderful family that adores her.




"CLV's Pretty Pied Piper of Jo-Jac", aka 'Piper'

Smooth Black Piebald Female


This dainty girl came to us from CLV Dachshunds in Wisconsin, and is Raven's mom.  Piper was retired and spayed in 2023, and was adopted by a wonderful family.



 "Jo-Jac's Shamira Shalom", aka 'Shami'

Black/Cream Longhair Female


The daughter of Shayna and Foxfyre, Shami is a third generation Jo-Jac girl and is an absolutely beautiful girl.  She is silly and a delight, always carrying a toy around wherever she goes - usually her favorite LambChops.  Shami was born in the fall of 2018, and has recently gone into a Guardian home with my friend Kathy, who also has her mom Shayna who is now retired. 



"Jo-Jac's L'Dor VaDor" aka "Dora"

Smooth Shaded 'Bronze' Cream Female

Dora is Velvet's beautiful daughter sired by Ohri.  Having tragically lost Ohri a few years ago, I am so thankful that we have this beautiful girl to carry on his legacy.  Her AKC name is "Jo-Jac's L'Dor Vador" which means "From Generation to Generation".  Very fitting for this 2nd generation Jo-Jac girl!  We are planning one final litter from her with the Schreiber's smooth cream male Draco, before she is retired and spayed.  She will be retiring here and staying with me, she will not be available for adoption because she is just too attached to me to be happy anywhere else.