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*** We are located in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex area of North Central Texas.  We want to meet all new puppy families before our pups leave our home, SO WE DO NOT SHIP OUR PUPPIES! ***


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Our one Spring litter has arrived!  Angel has four beautiful baby girls born on 3/31/16 and sired by Tiki.  All are longhair shaded creams, and I expect them to lose most if not all of their shading as they mature since Angel is an ee cream and Tiki is a shaded cream. It looks like all four pups are already spoken for.

Angels Day 3 1 Angels Day 3 11 Angels Day 3 3

Angel and Tiki June 2014 


Velvet may have another litter in late summer, if she does the sire will be a longhair chocolate/cream named Valentine who is a full brother to Shani's mother, Sophie.  They could have chococate/cream, chocolate/tan, black/cream and black/tan in both longhair and smooth.  This would be our first chance at chocolates since Noel and Trooper were retired.


We are expecting three of our young girls to have their first litters late summer to fall of 2016.



The first will most likely be Lilac, our gorgeous smooth blue/tan dapple piebald.



And next will most likely be Shani, Sting's gorgeous 'pick of litter' smooth cream daughter.


The last will most likely be Tiki's longhair cream daughter Violet who just turned a year old.  We expected her litter to be the first one, but her 2nd cycle came earlier than expected and she was still too young for our liking.  So her first litter will probably arrive in December.  Violet lives in a Guardian home with a longtime family friend.

Violet 1st B-Day 2-7-15 1



Angel's smooth piebald female Daisy from her 2015 litter is staying with us in a Guardian home with a friend, and we are excitedly anticipating Daisy's first litter in early 2017.

  Daisy Dec 2015 19 Daisy Dec 2015 11

  Daisy Dec 2015 20 Daisy Dec 2015 22





Introducing 'Jo-Jac's Shoshana Sharon' (her name means Rose of Sharon) aka 'Shani' - the pick-of-litter female from Sophie and Sting's spring litter.  She is dainty, small and absolutely gorgeous!  Shani currently weighs around 8 pounds at 9 months of age, and I believe she's reached her full size.   Shani is staying here.

Sophie 07 Sting Spring 2013 

 P1010989 Shani-Lilac 12-31-15 9    



And proudly introducing our first dapple piebald!  This is 'McMillan's Lilac 'N Lace of Jo-Jac' aka 'Lilac'.  She comes from the same breeder as Angel, and has just as sweet a personality.  She is a blue/tan dapple piebald carrying cream, she is currently 7 months old.  Hoping for a rainbow of color from her future litters!

First Photo-Shoot 2 First Photo-Shoot 4














Shira was retired and spayed in early 2014.  We kept her shaded cream female 'Shayna' from Shira's last litter.  Shayna is sired by Tiki, and  is pictured below under her beautiful parents.  Shayna has just had her own first litter. 

Shira Dec 2012 002  Tiki Spring 2013

Shayna 6 months    Shayna 9 Months   


Youngest male at Jo-Jac Miniature Dachshunds:  Ohri, smooth ee cream male, now about three years old.  He is only a few days younger than Angel.  He carries piebald and has a perfect little star on his forehead.  His name means 'Starlight' which fits him perfectly because of his star.

"Delaune's Ohri Kokhavim of Jo-Jac", aka 'Ohri'


IMG 9887 Ori June 2014



Velvet is one of our young Jo-Jac moms, she is a black/tan 'pick-of-litter' puppy sired by Tiki.  Her mom is a gorgeous little smooth chocolate/tan from excellent bloodlines.  She carries both cream and chocolate.  She has recently had her second litter of pups.


"Jo-Jac's Midnight Velvet", aka 'Velvet' 

 Velvet 4 Months 005-001   Velvet June 2014



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 Introducing 'Angel' our first ee cream from McMillans Dachshunds in Washington.  Angel has just had a beautiful litter of longhair English creams sired by Tiki.


"McMillan's Angelica Froste of Jo-Jac", aka 'Angel'

Angel at 9 Months-003  Angel at 9 Months 002 



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This is 'Sting', our second stud and first smooth cream male.  He came to us from Grendox Dachshunds in Kentucky by way of Seymour Dachshunds in Indiana.  Since this picture was taken, Sting has matured to a very nice sized 9 pound boy.  Sting is currently at the Schreibers Dachshund Ranch to introduce new lines into a few of their gorgeous 'Water World' bred English cream girls, which should benefit both of our lines.  Shani is one of the results of this breeding program.  Sting is very shy, and is not available for stud service to outside females. 



"Grendox the Blond Adonis", aka 'Sting' 




Our beautiful longhair shaded cream male 'Tiki' was born in December 2010.  He is such a handsome boy, with an equally wonderful personality to match!

"Grendox HaTikvah of Jo-Jac", aka 'Tiki'  

Tiki 16 Months 002-001 Tiki  Sting 005 



 Please contact us for the most up-to-date information on available puppies and upcoming litters.



About Us:

We are a small family kennel specializing in exceptional AKC Registered English Cream miniature dachshunds with championship pedigrees from imported bloodlines.  Although we love and raise other colors as well, these beautiful, gentle and intelligent “blonde dachshunds” have quickly become our passion!  We raise both longhair and smooth mini dachshunds, and we are located in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area of North Central Texas.

We raise only a few puppies at a time.  This allows us to focus our attention on raising quality, well adjusted puppies.   Our puppies receive the individual love and attention that equips them to grow into happy, well adjusted adult dogs.  Our puppies will quickly become treasured members of their new families!

Puppies receive all age-appropriate shots administered by a licenced veterinarian before they leave our home.  Our vet gives all puppies their first shots at 6 weeks of age.  He also performs a health exam on each puppy at that time, and our puppies come with full health guarantees.

Our puppies are always raised in our home as members of the family.  With the puppy play-yard a permanent fixture in our family room, our babies always receive plenty of loving attention.  They expect to be picked up the minute anyone comes into the room!

We live on a large creek lot with plenty of trees in the DFW Metroplex area of Texas.  The adult dogs enjoy a large fenced yard when they are not indoors.  Our yard is cross fenced so that all of our dogs have plenty of room to run and play, and none have to be confined to small pens.

Axel (Shira  WW Jr) Homecoming




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