"Jo-Jac's Celestial Riverdance" aka 'Dancer'

Retired 2020

Longhair ee Cream Female

Dancer is the gorgeous ee cream daughter of Angel, sired by Triniti's River Winds.  After two very difficult pregnancies, we could tell that she should not have another litter.  The decision was made to retire and spay her.  She is living in Missouri, with a family who absolutely fell in love with her.


"Jo-Jac's Shayna Shira", aka 'Shayna'

Retired 2019

Smooth Shaded Cream Female

 Shayna is Shira's daughter from her final litter, sired by Tiki. Born in January of 2014, she grew into a very pretty and sweet girl and produced gorgeous puppies.   Shayna had her final litter in the fall of 2018, and is now spayed and living the good life with a dear friend of mine.  Her gorgeous daughter Shami, Shira's granddaughter, is now carrying on this foundation line of Jo-Jac Dachshunds.



"McMillan's Lilac 'N Lace of Jo-Jac" aka "Lilac"

Retired 2019

Smooth Blue/Tan Dapple/Piebald Female

Lilac Dec 2015 Lilac Nov 15


Lilac also came to us from McMillan's Dachshunds in Washington state, from the same kennel that Angel and Foxfyre came from.  She is a blue/tan dapple piebald born April 2015.  She had her final litter in late 2019 and has now been retired and is living with a wonderful friend who has one of her daughters.  We have her beautiful dapple piebald son Magic and young blue dapple granddaughter Luna to carry on her line.



"Grendox HaTikvah of Jo-Jac", aka 'Tiki'

 Retired 2019

Shaded Longhair English Cream Male  


HaTikvah (his name means "The Hope") is our beautiful shaded cream male from Grendox Dachshunds in Kentucky, born in December of 2010. "Tiki" has classic English cream coloring.  He was almost black as a young pup, and has beautifully dark and expressive eyes.  Tiki is extremely sweet and intelligent, and is an absolute joy!  Tiki was retired and neutered in the spring of 2019, and is now enjoying the good life with a son of the family who adopted Elizabeth a few years ago - So Tiki and Elizabeth have been reunited and are renewing their friendship.  Their extended family now have five Jo-Jac dachshunds!


"Jo-Jac's Midnight Velvet", aka 'Velvet'

Retired 2018

Smooth Black/Tan Female

 Velvet was one of our prettiest Jo-Jac moms, she came to us as a 'pick-of-litter' puppy sired by Tiki from an outside breeding, born in September of 2013.  Her mom is a gorgeous little smooth chocolate and tan from excellent bloodlines.  She loved chasing squirrels and would try to jump into the trees in the backyard after them.  She was spayed in 2018 following successful IVDD surgery to repair a ruptured disc.  She has been placed with the family that has one of her littermates.  There she is able to enjoy a quieter and less active lifestyle with less risk of re-injuring her back, with a family that adores her!



"McMillan's Angelica Frost of Jo-Jac" aka 'Angel'

Retired 2017

Longhair ee Cream Female


Angel was our first ee cream.  Angel came to us from McMillan's Dachshunds in Washington state and was born in May of 2013.  She has the sweetest personality!  We learned from her 2015 litter that Angel also carries piebald! She was retired and spayed in 2017, and now lives full time with my friend Karen who also has Zahav.  We kept Angel's gorgeous daughter Dancer, who has now also been retired.


"Hendee's Anke Bonka"

Retired 2016

Shaded Smooth Red Female

Anke, owned by Adriene Anke, (Shira x Carmel) Anke, 1 year

Anke is Shira's gorgeous daughter sired by Carmel Cappuchino and owned by the Hendee family.  They had graciously allowed us to include Anke in our breeding program.  She had her final litter winter of 2015, and was retired and spayed in 2016.  She will continue to reign as the queen of the Hendee home!  Anke's gorgeous daughter Mieke sired by Ohri (and Shira's granddaughter), is carrying on Anke's line for the Hendee family.


"Jo-Jac's Shampagne 'N Lace", aka 'Gretta'

Retired 2015. 

Smooth "ee" Cream Female

Gretta Sept 2012 020-001  Gretta  Tiki 009

Gretta is Shugar's gorgeous 'ee' cream daughter and Shira's granddaughter.  She was born in December of 2010, she is only two days older than Tiki.  Gretta belongs to the Patrello family who live in our neighborhood and who graciously allowed us to include her in our breeding program.  Her only litter of pups was born in May of 2013, the sire of that litter was my longhair shaded cream Tiki who was her playmate as a young puppy.  



"Schreiber's Kathryn Elizabeth"

Retired 2014

Clear Longhair Chocolate-Based Red Female

Lizbeth_Aug_2011_032 Lizbeth_Aug_2011_006 Lizbeth_Aug_2011_027

Lizbeth is a beautiful longhair daughter of the famous imported English Cream sire WaterWorld which makes her a half sister to our Shugar.  Lizbeth has been retired and spayed, and now lives with a wonderful family who also has her smooth cream son from her first litter. Her granddaughter Hannah, who belongs to the Schreiber Dachshund Ranch, recently had a litter of eight, born May 23, 2019.


"Jo-Jac's Shira Todah"

Retired 2014

Clear Smooth English Cream Female

Shira_Nov09-1    Shira_Nov_2009

Shira is our gorgeous foundation smooth cream female, and my pride and joy!  She is super sweet and exceptionally intelligent, and has the most endearing personality of any dog I have ever known!  Shira was born on Thanksgiving day in 2006, her name means “Thanksgiving Song”.  Shira's my baby and lovingly spoiled, my daughters jokingly call her their "sister"!  Shira stays here as my baby and 'Number One Grandma' to our future litters.  Hard to believe that my baby girl will be 14 in another couple of weeks! Thankfully, she neither looks nor acts her age.


"Jo-Jac's Shugar 'N' Cream"

Retired IN 2015

Clear Smooth English Cream Female

 Shugar_Nov09             Shugar_Dec_2009

Shugar is our beautiful "sugar frosted" smooth cream female.  Shugar is Shira's first-born daughter, born in August of 2008 and one of the last puppies sired by the renowned English imported longhair cream Water World.  Shugar weighs 11 pounds.  Shugar has been spayed and found a perfect forever home with a lady who lives in a nearby neighborhood. 


"Schreiber's Marble Mystique of Jo-Jac"

Retired 2014

Chocolate/Tan Smooth Dapple Female


  Mysti 4 Months 024 Mysti 4 Months 021

  Mysti and family 03 

Mysti was born in April of 2011, and at the time was our only dapple. Mysti had her only litter of puppies in the winter of 2013 and we almost lost her from complications after their birth.  She was retired and spayed, and lived with her daughter Tootsie a few doors down from me until their human mom unexpected passed away in the spring of 2015.  Thankfully I was able to place them (along with their 13 year old dapple housemate Bailey) with a wonderful family in the Metroplex.  So happy to have found a great home for the orphaned 'Darling Dapple Trio' as their new family refers to them, and be able to keep the three of them together! 

** Update!  Mysti and Tootsie are now world travelers, having recently moved to Budapest, Hungary with their family.  Their older 'sister' Bailey passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 16. **


"Peyton Noel Jackson"

Retired 2010

Chocolate/Tan Smooth Female

2001 - 2018 


Noel was one of the foundation dams of  Jo-Jac Dachshunds, and was our first AKC dachshund.  Noel was born on Christmas day in 2001 and named accordingly! She was spayed and adopted by a neighbor of mine several years ago, and lived out her senior years being pampered and treated like a princess.  Sadly she passed away in the summer of 2018 at almost 17 years of age.


 "Little Miss Trooper"

Retired 2011

Chocolate/Tan Longhair Female

2004 - 2018


Miss Trooper was our longhair chocolate & tan female. She was Noel’s first longhair daughter. Trooper has been spoiled from birth and is convinced that she’s human.  Trooper lived a long life of full-time leisure with my mom and sister, where she was spoiled to her heart's content.  Trooper sadly passed away in the fall of 2018 at 14 years of age. 


    "Jo-Jac's Carmel Cappuchino"

Retired 2011

Clear Chocolate-Based Red Longhair Male

Carmel_10_month_Web          Carmel_10_months

Carmel has been neutered and adopted by a family in our neighborhood with two other dachshund  playmates for him.  Carmel matured into a beautiful small standard chocolate-based red weighing around 16 pounds, and was just too large for our miniature dachshund breeding program.  HaTikvah has taken his place as our longhair stud.  Anke is Carmel's beautiful daughter, so he is now a great-grandfather to Mieke's litters!


"Zahav Ben Ya'acov" aka 'Zavie'

Retired 2012

Clear Longhair Cream Male

Zahav 006-2

Zahav, also known as Zavie, was our first stud dog.  His name means 'Golden Son of Jake'. Zavie was neutered in January 2012 and lives with a wonderful neighbor who also adopted Angel when she retired.  Zavie and Angel are both very much loved in their forever home with their mom Karen.  Zavie is a few months older than Shira and is also still going strong.